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Dark campus strategies for K-12 schools

Turning off lights is the easiest way to save electricity. K-12 schools in Canada and beyond are taking advantage of this simple strategy to reduce electricity costs, reduce electricity consumption and minimize vandalism.

Bring energy management into the classrooms

It is not the job of school facilities and maintenance staff to work directly with students, but student engagement can be a benefit for facilities projects.

Cool savings

Replacing or removing underutilized fridges is an easy approach to save energy. A British Columbia school district estimated a cost savings of $6,500 annually from a fridge reduction project.

From lab to real world

Project Blue Thumb is a social innovation lab working to improve the Red Deer River watershed in Alberta.

LRT transports more than just people

Not only do the LRT lines carry hundreds of passengers daily in Calgary and Edmonton, but they also carry hundreds of gigabytes.

Alberta solar energy on the rise

Outlook for the solar industry in Alberta is sunny with just a few clouds. Improvements in solar panel technology along with Alberta’s number of sunny days has the solar industry optimistic, but there are still hurdles to overcome.

Not just for garnish

A Calgary family’s home-grown business produces nutritious and flavourful sprouts and microgreens.